MANILAGIRL: The Magic and Curse of Eyelash Extensions

Tempted much?

I had naturally long and curled eyelashes to begin with but you can’t deny the charm of doll-like lashes which are longer, darker, and exaggerately curled lashes – moreso waking up with them just like that! So here’s my experience on Eyelash Extensions.

Accentuate – it’s a girl thing!

When it comes to facial beauty routine (and actually in all my beauty routines), I like to keep things simple and natural – facial wash, toning liquid, light make-up even for special events and engagements. But of course there are these occasions when I let the girliness takeover and I try on new things (at least those of which aren’t permanent) to achieve fresh looks! I’d go for hair color, highlights, rebond, curls, nail arts, and yes the latest is them eyelash extensions!

I Knew There Were Downsides.

I was wary of the damage eyelash extensions could cause to natural lashes but still went for them, obviously. Upon stepping inside the salon I was well aware of the risk already and that’s from reading and hearing stories of friends and family including my Mom’s! Common issues were the eye area itchiness, natural hair breakage and loss, discomfort and having too many things to avoid.

This blog is to honestly tell you that based on my experience, ALL THOSE ARE TRUE, unfortunately!

Okay hold up, mine didn’t really get itchy as I was very careful in following after-care instructions like no rubbing, no hot water on face, no oil or mascara, etc. I also did not go swimming during the whole period of 8 weeks that I had them. But yes there was slight discomfort during the first couple of weeks of getting-used to the extra weight, not sleeping with my face on the pillow, kicking the habit of rubbing my face with my hand, and practically every activity that could mess with these glued-on lashes.

Truth is, with a lot of self-control (which is my forte except with food), one can minimize premature damage and eventually get used to them with no discomfort at all. 🙂

Here you go – the Procedure.

I went to Stylash Salon located at Robinsons Place Manila. There were only two lash salons at the mall and this one looked more cozy. I asked the front desk lady about the possible damage, but she assured me that they’re not damaging. (Oh well, I knew she meant well.)

You can choose looks, length and thickness, material and curve style. At this particular salon, they offer 5 different looks with total of 100-300 pcs of extensions depending on the look. Then there are three choices of length – from 8 to 20 mm, all of which come in two thickness, too! You also have to choose the curve style – J or C, and lastly your preference in material – mink or human hair.

The procedure was a quite comfortable hour of laying down, both eyes shut. The eyelash technician was gentle enough and I didn’t feel any discomfort at all while she glued a total of 240 mink extensions on my natural lashes.

The Result.

Before the procedure. That’s my natural lashes.

First step. Closed my eyes after this for the entire procedure.

After the procedure. With 240 pieces of mink hair extensions. C curve, 20mm length at .10mm thickness.

I stepped out of the salon happy! I felt it was worth the risk – I get to experience first-hand, and I get to skip mascara and even eye make-up. Those big lashes definitely added an oomph to the look. It was an effortless eye-opener, literally!

#ManilaGirl Tips:

1. More lash extensions look thicker but it also means more pieces of extensions are glued per eyelash. I didn’t realize this at first but I did the first time a lash fell – I saw three mink extensions glued on a single strand of my natural eyelash.

2. Mink hair extensions results in more dramatic look compared to natural hair extensions, for less number of hair. This is because mink is firmer and thicker

3. Numbers 1 and 2 are two factors that contributed to more damage to my natural lashes, more pressure = more damage.

4. Be wary of who removes them. This is when the most damage happens and you actually lose natural hair. I did not have mine removed. But…

5. Extensions become chaotic after a few weeks. Natural hair grows, and the extensions hang and start to sit awkwardly. I could fix them with a spooly up until the 5th week. After that I knew I needed to get rid of them.

6. Gently remove them with coconut or olive oil and facia tissue. Let them soak in oil and don’t rush. More patience, less damage.

7. Accept that you have damaged your natural lashes. Mine was left a lot thinner. Use castor oil! Have tried it for a few weeks, I see improvement.

8. Don’t get them again, wait at least after several months if you really feel like you need them!

Stay beautiful!