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"There may be a million things dividing human kind - religion, color, politics, sexual orientation, principles, social status, etc., - but there's this one magical thing common among all of us - the ability to love, that is." - Di

Diana Soto Dayao a.k.a. Diana D. is a communications professional and artist. Her journey in radio and event hosting, journalism, music industry, philanthropy, government, and being a former beauty queen exposed her in the ups and downs of society and the gap between the very poor and the very wealth. Having lived a simple yet colorful life in Manila, it is in being a messenger of positivity where she has found joy and purpose.


To become an advocate for love as a means of social and economic development across the Philippines and beyond via mobile outreach programs, media campaigns and various activities with goals relating directly to the homeless, for the benefit of all humankind.


A community that is thriving economically, socially, politically, and spiritually, made possible by a commitment to a cycle founded on the principles of generosity and faith in humanity – with the high uplifting the low, and the love overpowering the hate.


Manila Street Love (MSL) is a mobile charity and love campaign in one, engaging a community of supporters & volunteers to reach the neglected, underprivileged Filipinos – the homeless. A first of its kind, this original concept of MSL is aimed at communicating love by driving to right where they are – the streets, the temporary shelters, and even detention centers. At each stop, the volunteers unload various basic commodities off the MSL van, distribute them, shake hands, chat, bring music, even when there is no special occasion like Christmas or Election Day. MSL’s ambition is to make uplifting every kind of Filipino an individual and corporate duty.

Founded in October 2015 by Diana Soto Dayao, MSL started out as a birthday celebration with donations coming from friends in exchange for a free pass at a concert she co-organized in Makati. The next day Diana tapped a few friends to drive around with her and distribute the donations composed of used clothes, footwear, brand new blankets, various snacks, and hundreds of Jollibee Yum Burgers. After a number of stops along Roxas Boulevard, the day was concluded at Bahay Aruga – a temporary shelter for kids with cancer where she and her artist friends performed songs and distributed food as well. Photos and videos of the outreach posted on her social media made a lot of people within her network interested in helping, which lead to MSL 2, MSL 3, and the rest is history.

Beginning 2017 – to make MSL sustainable, and likewise, help corporations execute a purposeful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative in line with the love campaign – MSL Outreach can be engaged as an outsourced CSR for companies. Likewise, various merchandise is made available carrying the themes Manila, street, and love. Join the movement.


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