MANILABITES: Ten Best Food Vendors I’ve Tried – Part 1

Truth be told, this lockdown has got me ordering food everyday. So much for starting a leaner diet!

The food photos courtesy of my  Facebook feed did not help. At midnight, just before I go to sleep, these photos would get me plotting a decadent food adventure for the next day. FoodPanda and Grab Food are not enough. And yes to supporting friends’ home-grown businesses sprouting here and there in my virtual social world!!!

I actually ended up ordering from many, and two things they all have in common are: One, pictures look like they are infused with yumminess, exploding with flavors, and crafted with love. Two, they look hygienically prepared. I went ahead and tried them one day at a time, some were worth it some were not.

What you’ll find here though is PART ONE OF THE BEST TEN of those I actually liked and recommend! These are finds from Facebook, and IG. Other five coming next week!

Top 1: Jao’s Quality Salmon Sushi Bake

Half salmon mango, half salmon terriyaki! I really enjoyed this one. Unlike other sushi bakes I’ve tried this quarantine, this one is not too thick with rice. Ingredients are complete, it gave me the real sushi experience with the mingling of five flavors, and the dreaminess of being baked. And I love baked salmon. I randomly found them on Facebook, one afternoon when I was craving for baked sushi.

It was neatly packed too in a box, with the seaweed sheets in a separate paper bag! Comes with reminder on how to store, reheat, and my name on it. Well-thought of.

Price: Php980.00 for a 9×7 inch tray good for 4-6 pax. Order from Jao here – – – >

Manilabites Jao's sushi bake

Top 2: Lakay Napo’s Garlic Longganisa

We garlic-loving Pinoys are always on the look out for that best garlic longganisa. They come from different  parts of the country too, and each pride itself for being the best around! But we gotta admit they are not all the same. Mostly, too salty for my taste, even those served at big, “authentic” restaurants.

So when I saw this on my feed, sold by a friend artist now sidelining as supplier of this popular Filipino-style sausage, I just had to try!

Verdict: Meaty, not too salty, definitely garlicky. Let’s just say I ordered more than once. Packaging can improve a lot, though.

Price: Php400 a kilo, about 15 fat pieces good for 4 pax. Order from Jazze here —>

Manilagirl Garlic Longganisa

Top 3: Lord Stows Eggtarts

I know, it’s a popular brand I missed during this lockdown and I found a way to order online!

Dreamy drops of creamy melt-in-your-mouth egg custard cocooned in flaky and delicately sweet crust. I haven’t tried any other egg tarts as good as this, and I’ve tried many! So this isn’t a friend’s business but definitely one of the best treat!

A dozen lasted me a few days. Had to finish in 3 days as they are best fresh from oven. Neatly packaged!

Price: Php550 for a dozen. Order via Viber at 09228012222. Tomas Morato branch handles all orders for next-day delivery, fee to be shouldered by customer.

Manilagirl lordstows eggtarts

Top 4: Tasty Feast Salmon Sushi Bake

The very first salmon sushi bake I tried! Made with love from home by a friend who’s also my former co-FA at PAL.

What I love about this one is the generous serving of mangoes, sweet yellow mangoes sitting atop everything else. It’s a really a joyful experience of flavors in every seaweed-wrapped bite. Went perfectly with warm sake.

She didn’t skimp on ingredients, maybe that’s why it’s a little pricy. Packaging can improve, the sushi bake arrived a bit distorted, most probably from handling during delivery.

Price: Php1,400 for a 8x8x2 inch medium tray. Prepare to share!

Manilagirl tasty feast sushi bake

Top5: Dezato PH Egg Tarts

Another home-grown business crafted with passion. It looked like she had plenty of patrons, they’re eggtarts, so I was definitely in! It didn’t take me long before I hit her up for a dozen!

These tarts reminded me of those I had in Hong Kong during my last visit. Not heavy, unpretentious, just some good sweet eggtarts! I received them well-packaged, with my name on it too 🙂

Price: Php350 a dozen. Order from Sancho at

Manilagirl eggtarts dezatoph

Top 6: Santos Hot Pandesal

Fifty years in the business, this shop literally gives you that good old neighborhood pandesal feel.

They’ve kept the family business humble as it’s beginnings one fluffy, tasty, and sizeable pandesal at a time! Yes, it’s bigger than your regular Pinoy bread roll and it was such a comforting moment having them on my dining table especially now I couldn’t go out and buy outside.

Love it that they stayed soft even after a few days! I got kind of hooked on them, and would even have a piece with coffee at 3 in the morning during my late lockdown nights. My mom loved them, too! 😁

Price: Php10.00 per 3 pieces. Order many so you can make the most of your Lalamove or Grab delivery fee. PM Karen at

Manilagirl Santos pandesal