ManilaStreetLove 9: #ShelterStop @ Bahay Aruga

BAHAY ARUGA, SAN MARCELINO, UN. AVE. -a home of a huge family of pediatric cancer patients along with their guardians.

For Manila Street Love 9 outreach on Sunday, June 9, 2019, Bahay Aruga was an important stop we made to fulfill our traditional #ShelterStop.The kids come from various provinces, and are currently in Manila getting treatment for cancer at PGH.Founded and managed by Ms. Marietta Bonilla, Bahay Aruga has been more than a shelter, but rather a home and provider of everyday needs for a huge family of young patients along with their guardians.Although the day’s schedule was tight, the ManilaStreetLovers made sure to hold even a short program to entertain the kids and distribute some snacks and donations. Even before, MSL has given love by donating Refrigerator for medicine, boxes of Pediasure Milk, meals, toys, bags, and for last Sunday we also gave them blankets!Maraming salamat sa mga kaibigan kong nag-donate! #ManilaStreetLove9!!!

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