MANILABITES: Flambè Wagyu at Nobu

There is always a reason to celebrate with wagyu! And best reason is for satisfaction itself (Insert flaming sizzle?).

Wagyu is the finest quality of beef in the market. Loosely translated, it means “Japanese cattle”. It is pricey due to the manner the cows were raised and slaughtered. Result being is meat that’s high in marbling and is incredibly tender! It’s buttery flavor kind of melts in your mouth.

I’ve always remembered Nobu Japanese Restaurant for it’s fine assorment of sushi and sashimi, not to mention exclusive brands of sakè! Incredibly though, wagyu sat very well on my seafood-overwhelmed palate during my last visit!

Quick video and photos of the flambè wagyu and other food we had, in an order based on what we liked the most!

A5 Premium Ohmi Wagyu Flambè Style

Wouldn’t have it any other way. A hundred grams of tender beef on a flaming hot stone plus a small splash of alcohol for a burst of flames – that last part definitely added a oomph to the flavor!

If you’re in for the same fire, order your wagyu in Flambè (about Php6,000 per min order of 100 grams). Other choices: Tataki, New Style, Toban, and Yakimono (about Php1,500 per 25 grams). I’m sure they’re fine too in a different way.

Check out their sakè list, I enjoyed my sashimi and wagyu with a few servings of this Japanese rice wine served hot!

Nobu Restaurant is located at 1 Nobu North Tower, Aseana Ave., Parañaque