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MANILAGIRL: A Message to the World

Lord help us

The faith in the system imploding
Humanity fighting
Over a cause that is lost
Lost in either greed, or desperation

Some stay home
Some got to bring home
The bacon of sustenance
No inheritance
Yet both pressured to deliver
Despite the risk of catching fever

Online people are trolling
Each others posts
Some got too much time
But lacked brain
Some have brains
But no hearts

Some wished for more time
They are unfortunately confined
In the tiny walls
Of white-linen hospitals
Either enduring pain
Or cleaning blood stain

Some work from home
And it’s just as much a struggle
Emotionally, mentally,
Physically, all the other ally
But each trying to look well,
Clearing throat, trying to sound well
For webinars, for Skype and Zoom
It’s a crazy new world in the online boom

Somehow we wana believe we got leaders
Who know better, who do their jobs
As we do ours
From the food vendor
To the service provider.
To the bank teller
To the masks supplier
Include the disinfecting mats
Because now I sell them too
To make some change and somehow to create value.

But now it’s the Lord Almighty
Who can only seem to listen
Because even those friends
Whom we think are good people
Justify acts of hate, and the very essence of racism

While one talks against a disarray
That same one acts in the same way
We forgot to look in the mirror
And see there’s the horror

The cause is lost somewhere
But I believe it’s still there
So if in this moment you somehow have managed to still have peace in your heart
But about to be disheartened by what chaos is  there keeping people apart:

Remember to be grateful
Remember to do good
Remember to be fair
Remember to pray.

Remember this day.

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