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Kumusta po kayo? Ako, so far, we are ok at home during this quarantine, thank God.

Fridge has food in it.
House is clean.
Netflix is useful.
My kid takes online lessons mabuti Internet is working.
I can exercise at home via Just Dance.
Meron social media to share music and blog as an outlet for creatives like me.
Nobody is really sick at home, except for my senior citizen Mom who’s still enduring her spine and back condition in bed. Tigil muna ang PT nya.
OK si Daddy sa probinsya.

Except for general worries on bills catching up faster than this virus, and with income hampered by worldwide restrictions, maliban doon, I should be chill and take this time to relax and lounge and worry about it tomorrow. We are ok naman diba, bonding at home muna.

Pero bakit parang stressed pa rin ako? I’m not sure why there is a certain restlessness and I keep thinking of ways to make sense of this “lock down” time.

I think it’s because I know there are people out there in WORSE SITUATIONS. I think because I know there is CHAOS OUTSIDE – people we call STUBBORN, PASAWAY, BOBO – all because they are scrambling hard to keep upfloat. Not for profit, not for extra income, not for the future, not even for themselves, but for today’s survival of their families at home. So they risk themselves, they risk everybody else, THEY RISK PERIOD.

I think because I know we are not alone – if people around us grew desperate, helpless, hungry, abused – that would sooner or later bite the rest of us in the ass – whether it’s a tabo ass or toilet paper ass.

I feel an impending chaos within this chaos and it scares me even in the comforts of my rented home. May stiff neck na nga ako.

There is a DILEMMA – and this dilemma itself is killing a lot of things in us.

I’m not being a hero, or nagpapakabayani. Dang, I need help myself as a single parent, who’s still hoping to help her parents, too. But I  can’t sleep comfortably at night thinking of what’s going on around me.

Sana magkaroon ng financial assistance and food subsidy for EVERY Filipino for the time being. Bilang bawal kang lumabas at magtrabaho.

Sana i-distribute ng door to door para walang agawan sa labas. Huwag sana pati ito ay mapolitika.

Sana magbigay ng libre, kumpleto at nasa oras na transportation service sa lahat ng essential goods personnel na nasabi.

Sana hindi lang moratorium on payments, kung hindi exemption – for certain bills partially subsidized by the government. Sasabihin walang pondo? Madami daw pondo I just heard our President assured us in his last speech.

Sana walang bulyawan sa FACEBOOK. If you have not noticed yet, sa mga hinaing at reklamo at kritisismo lumilinaw ang mali at kakulangan at na-pupush gumalaw ang mga ahensya ng gobyerno.

Sana maging mabilis at matalino ang mga LGUs sa pamumuno ng mga alkalde sa pagmamanage ng kanilang constituents sa panahon ng krisis na ito.

Sana pagkatapos ng krisis na ito ay matuto na tayong lahat. Kung hindi, sayang ang mga nabuwis na buhay.

Sana we can stop thinking of politics, pumalpak man noon, what matters is anong gagawin ngayon. May they take good action now, dahil nandito na nga tayo. I heard most of appointed gov’t heads are former generals, may they use their abilities and hearts in managing national crisis and risks.

Dahil at the end of the day, we are one country. As my sixth-grader is reviewing his Araling Panlipunan topic today –

“TAO – ang pinakamahalagang elemento ng bansa.”