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MANILAGIRL: WHY GIVE MORE? Musings on Taal Evacuees

It’s heartwarming to see individuals, families, groups of friends, NGOs and LGUs chipping in to help out those severely affected by the Taal Volcano eruption.

Bayanihan at its finest, there has always been good in people.

It really never left. We need this right now. Actually all the time, but just especially at times like this.

I just want to say, the usual supplies that’s being donated like food, clothes, hygiene kits, blankets, medicine, water – these are consumables crucial to daily survival of the evacuees, of humankind in general. They need those. I just think these families’ lives were shaken in a tragic way and their minds are boggled by the thought of what’s next…

“Paano na tayo ngayon?” they may be asking amid the report that the volcano could still violently errupt within the next days or months. Who really knows.

You see the difference is these families used to be income-generating, community-contributing people until calamity exploded on their faces. They won’t be aided forever, and I surmise they wouldnt wana be pitied on forever. They’d want to bring a sense of “normal back.” That’s why I think it’s time to get long-term solutions or lasting aides in place.

I humbly say this after recently seeing videos of Pinoys abroad rallying to send help back here in Pinas – collecting to send food, toiletries and such for the poor victims. Touching, but somehow also mirrors a sad thought: Are we just victims needing to survive?

Don’t get me wrong, I fully subscribe to  “impactful giving.” There is no small, every thing counts – and it’s the thought that counts the most. In fact, my charity project Manila Stree Love is driven on that notion.

What I am saying is, it should not stop there. If we can give more, give more. Provide more lasting measures, establish enduring and realistic plans. Let’s not look at the evacuees as mere victims needing to survive, but us fighters who just need to recover. And we, the strong arms that lift them up.

For the Taal evacuees, if you are wealthy:

Donate temporary homes, build educational and wellness center for the affected kids, commit to at least 6-month medicine/vitamin provision, set up a food bank nearby where victims can also help and be compensated.

If you have a voice and connections:

Start a campaign drive for the revitalization of damaged areas like Tagaytay east-side and lakeshores of Batangas. The horizon may still be ashy, but it will be better. Turn lemons into opportunites for the good of many.

If you are overseas:

Invest in the PH, uplift affected small business owners and farmers. Open shop and hire the affected who were robbed off of their livelihood and pay them well. Partner with local charitable groups in delivering aides.

If you are government:

Don’t hold up budget. Act promptly. Dont be a politician, be a public servant. Do your job.