WORLD: Mike & Rob

Rob and Mike Reyes (on the left) are friends from the Rotary Club. Rob is Dutch while Mike is Fil-Chinese-Korean.

Upon hearing of Manila Street Love from their friend Diana Dayao, MSL Founder, Rob and Mike both went out of their ways to donate and volunteer for the #ManilaStreetLove8 outreach last October 2018 helping Filipino on the streets and temporary shelters!They said this activity was one of the most that they felt they were creating an impact.Manila Street Love is grateful to people like them, who have the heart and will to support our “wheels of love” for the upliftment of those in need. Although they did not grow up here, they clearly are helping Filipinos grow in love and hope – one street at a time!

Manila Street Love 9 is happening first week of June. Collaborate and donate!

Photo by Jeffrey Naceno