Seven Tips on Starting a Charitable Activity

Follow these simple tips and you can’t go wrong with your charitable activities.

  1. Don’t overthink. Just do it! Do it with friends you trust and who share the same vision. Our preparation for the first ever MSL was only two days.
  2. Know that people are willing to help, you just got to find them.
  3. Be willing to do it with or without these people, everything will follow. Trust me.
  4. Do make it easy for others to help. For MSL, some of those who donated I never really expected to donate. MSL provided what they probably were lacking – time, idea, and most of all, an opportunity, one they trust and believe in.
  5. Know that it is not just the material things you give, it is the joy of giving and the message you spread, and that is of love, faith in humanity, brotherhood…
  6. Don’t be shy to share your charitable initiative. Spread that good vibes and influence others to do the same. Let those who took part know whom they have helped as well via photos and videos. It is nice to looking back and relive the moment.
  7. Know that music (or other forms of art) is a language that breaks barriers. At Bahay Aruga, as I sang a song with other volunteer artists, we made cancer patients smile with bandages on their heads. We made them clap with their feet because of their missing one arm. We saw the faces of these kids while we were performing and it touched their hearts the way the food didn’t.