WORLD: Kumu Singing Angels sing for Baby Ellie’s chemo

A Filipina immigrant mother from Tondo, Manila, now in Oregon, USA, found herself enduring both emotional and financial pain for the past months as her two-year-old child, Ellie, was diagnosed with an advanced type of cancer. Upon hearing this, Pinoy-live streaming app Kumu, gathered the Kumu Singing Angels on March 21 for an evening of music and blessings, as they rallied thousands of their followers from across the globe to help Ellie and her mom. Straight from their home set-ups in the Philippines – to the global virtual network of Kumu – young singers Sammy Rascal, Alyanna Regina, Mitzi Josh, Kathleen Anne, Mauie Francisco, Bianca D. and , Tweetie Salas collectively known as the Kumu Singing Angels sang their hearts out for Ellie’s medical needs.
One At A Time Kumu
The group was joined by Mexican-Filipino Brodi Nicholas, founder of Campaign One At A Time (COAAT) – a non-profit organization – who has partnered with Kumu to help aid the organization’s fundraising efforts for the child. Likewise, COAAT volunteer Josh Cruz hopped on the stream. Ellie is suffering from an aggressive type of cancer called Anaplastic Ependymoma and recently had to undergo 8-hour surgery to get rid of the cancerous tumor, according to COAAT volunteer, Tania Panopio. Tania added that hospital bills exhausted Ellie’s mom’s funds, and on top of that, the latter was terminated from her job having exhausted all of her Leave of Absence credits as well to take care of Ellie.
Kumu brodi nicholas
Kumu just turned over the donation amounting to US$456 from this 2-hour event, which raised 1.1M in diamonds in kumu currency. That is a significant addition to the US$1277 COOAT had already raised for Ellie. This will help with the child’s chemotherapy and day- to-day needs. Those who’d like to help Ellie and other kids with life-threatening diseases can reach Campaign One At A Time facebook page for details. Likewise, download kumu, there are plenty of humanitarian initiatives you may support there while having fun!