MANILABITES: Browned Butter Muscovado Cookies

Been limiting sweets on my diet, so my piece of sugar better be heavenly!

And it was, indeed, when I tried this choco chip cookie! Home-made by mompreneur Mary Grace Cabanilla, these cookies arrived at home looking fresh and neatly packaged individually.


Each piece looked chocolatey to the eyes, with some weight on it, and a bit soft to touch so I already knew I was in for a chewy treat.

Muscovado sugar is unrefined cane sugar that contains natural mollases. It gives these choco chips a rich toffee flavor.

Try it! Check out Gavrie's Grace of Cakes on Facebook & Instagram or text 09757301159.

But of course, don't get carried away. Always watch your sugar intake, and make consumption count 😀