MANILAGIRL: Red Hair, Happy Hair!

So I recently chose to go red and why not?

Manila has become an ocean of blondes. That or a shiny crown of naturally black or dark brown shiny Filipina hair that is well and fine. But it’s been quite a long while and I wanted to get a dash of color on my hair again.


Ash blonde would have been an easy pick. But it’s fairly common nowadays. Moreover, this pale blonde kind of washes out the skin color because of lack in tone contrast against fair skin (and I am on the fair side of things). Well, at least from my observation!

Generally, ashy blonde also makes one look more matured. Sultry, yes, but less young-looking. So I decided a reddish tone would bring a nice color and contrast, and add some freshness in my looks.


Copper, mocha red, coffee red, pure red – so many shades to choose from! But I knew what I wanted. So I headed to my neighborhood salon – Trim City! Nothing fancy there, but when it came to color, they do the job right!


Before I got to the salon I already had Googled several hair color suggestions. That saves you a lot of time, and eliminates confusion as to what to pick. We all know how easy it is to get overwhelmed in this kind of situations!

So I pointed to the shade I wanted to achieve – a reddish golden brown. Ian the main hairstylist mixed two tones to achieve this – a 7.4 and 7.5 of the colors under the red category.


After washing and drying hair, he started applying the mix starting on the roots. He left the mix on my hair for about 30 minutes.

After letting the color mix sit on my hair, he combed it down through my entire hair, a bit challenging process as my mane was long and thick! Afterwards, he massaged the color on my hair a bit and then rinsed it off with shampoo and treatment.

Here, you can already see the reddish tone as he prepares to dry it.


After blow-drying finished, I’m instantly a redhead – a happy one too! Took about 3 hours for my hair ?

So there. Stay stylish and classy! You don’t need to break the bank. This cost under 2000 pesos – a lot less than what I had to pay in the past at expensive salons. Go find your spot and trusted hairstylist in Manila.