MANILABITES: Bulalo at Pete’s

A serving of beef shanks and creamy marrow that won’t leave you bitin or hanging . Drool!

I have not met a single Pinoy (slang for Filipino) whose eyes don’t light up at the thought of Bulalo dish! Likewise, visitors from beyond the Philippines have found the same love for this good old comfort meal!Also known as beef shank soup, it’s not hard to get your hand as it’s available in almost every Pinoy restaurant in and out of Manila. The pipping hot combination of beef shanks, marrow, cabbage, carrots and spices make for a meal worth driving in traffic for but what makes one stand out?

This is my personal check list:

✔Enough tender meat, not too much tendons

✔Comes with a big bone filled with light-colored, melt-in-your-mouth marrow (not dark, gelatin-like)

✔Just right spicyness and saltiness. Not sweet. Biting on the corn should take care of that department

✔Served very hot!

Locals usually drive to the Southern Luzon region (Batangas, Tagaytay, etc.) But me being the Manila girl is so happy to find a spot in the Metro that serves the perfect bulalo for me. Pete’s Place located at Mall of Asia By the Bay serves a big bowl of bulalo for around P550.00 (very competitive price) which I can even share without having to be stingy with the marrow. 😆

Visit them now! Also try their Crispy Pata.