METRO: Making love songs with Diana D.

In the morning mist you and me kiss and I swear, every melody gather around my body…

Goes the song MIST – the newest single of Diana Dayao aka Diana D. which she co-performed and co-wrote with Knowa Lazarus – half of the multi-awarded hiphop duo Q-York. As love comes in different weathers, this song talks about that “misty” kind, that romantic type. It’s mysterious, it’s musical, it’s sexy. It’s also a marriage of English and Tagalog.

Diana’s signature sultry and poetry is captivating on this RnB Hip-hop track  which is a few tempo up from her 2017 ballads (Senti Sultry |Diana D.)  Whilst, Knowa hits all the right spots with his smooth lines and flows gliding perfectly on the track made by California-based Fil-Am producer, Fushuz.

Words and melodies of Mist are by Diana and Knowa. The track’s top notes bring good vibes, lyrically, it’s a tease, and over all the song is just that – a misty love song.

Official music video just premiered on wherein listeners can also request and vote for Mist – Knowa Lazarus, Diana D. The visuals are a mix of La Union’s laidback tropics, and dope special effects that will literally turn your world upside down, thanks to another Pinoy artist, Tyrone de Guzman – a Filipino vfx artist/director based in New Zealand.

The song is also now streaming on Spotify and all digital music platforms. Check it out!

At sa gabi tayo pa ring dalawa, nababalot sa init ng iyong mga labi. Parang isang love song…

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